About The Cool Panther

I was the teenager, Ann-Marie, who had the privilege of being able to select between various future opportunities. My prime options were – either an artist’s/designer education or a more traditional science education. For many reasons  I chose the latter.

I became a pharmacist and have worked within biotechnology during my whole working life. I have had a truly fun and interesting professional life and career, the last twenty years I worked through an own consulting company, focused on business information on mainly R&D companies in the Scandinavian countries.

How and why textile studies? I decided that given the opportunity to change direction of my life, I wanted to see whether “textile” really was as fun and interesting as I had originally thought? I also felt a great respect for education – if being serious in my plans I realised that I did not want to group myself into the 60-plus ladies who finally could start to paint and so I ended up being a student at the Open College of the Arts as a distant student.

At the time I was living in the UK, but recently I moved back  to my native country Sweden where I live most of the time. We also have a living in Stockholm and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to have both worlds, the very south of Sweden where I was actually born and raised, but also a big city – according to Swedish standards! Stockholm has quite a few interesting museums and I go regularly to various events. To add to my opportunities – my immediate family live in Boras where one of the most important design universities focused on textile, is situated.

I will gradually increase my skills in the WordPress format and hopefully it will serve me and my potential readers well. In particular I will start to communicate my pictures of what I do in my course work!


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